I received my Lenovo y50-70 in early 2015, and initially was quite impressed by its build quality and sleekness. It shipped windows 8.1 which I was not quite so impressed with, but this can be changed or customized depending on your needs. In the end after some tweaking and installing of a new start menu called “Classic Shell”. I was on definitely quite enjoying the experience.

There was one thing that wasn’t working as it should’ve been; the Trackpad, it wasn’t responding to right and left clicks as it should’ve been. I thought, ok I should probably get this taken care of right away, as to do it in time for the warranty, and also, I am someone who uses the Trackpad quite a bit.

I called Lenovo, and sent my laptop to them for replacement of the malfunctioning part. I received the laptop back rather promptly, and voila, the part seemed to work. Only, it wasn’t working as it was before. Since the outset of laptops, Trackpad technology has come a long ways, and now to make these devices more useful relies on gesture technology, where you can scroll down a page using two fingers, or zoom in and out, things like this. Scrolling down a page becomes a pain if you are required to mimic mouse movements, just try it if you have not.

So, I decided maybe a problem occurred with the drivers for the Trackpad, which was causing the gestures not to work. So I went to the Lenovo page, downloaded, and reinstalled the drivers for the Trackpad, with no result, things still weren’t working. So I tried some other drivers for other Lenovo Trackpad products, but to no avail. I even tried reinstalling windows, thinking there was some driver incompatibly problem, and then tried removing and installing various other drivers. Nothing worked.

I then phoned Lenovo support, after a few times getting nowhere, I let a Lenovo representative take control over my computer, despite telling him what I had already tried, he tried to installing the same drivers I had, dozens of times. Then gave up and pretended not to be able to hear me anymore, then hung up the phone. I believe this happened at least on two calls.

What I think happened was, I got a slightly different part when they replaced my Trackpad, one that is not supported by any known  or published drivers. In the Lenovo forum, I found a couple different people with my same issue, all unresolved. The y50-70 is a nice machine, but it came defective from the factory, and I was never able to get it working correctly, and no one from Lenovo seemed to be interested in helping to fix my problem. Now of course my warranty is up, and I just have to live with this annoyance, just basic windows supported drivers, as well as problems with the Linux drivers not loading on boot, but that’s an entirely different issue altogether. My only other option is to buy a Trackpad from a junked Lenovo online, and pray for the best. It’s funny how the little things can annoy you the most, especially being ignored by a large company and made to live with their problems. And with all the advances in technology, I still enjoy using my 2007 Dells Trackpad a lot more. I think maybe a lesson it, when you’re buying from online vendors, you’re taking a risk. Had this been a brick and mortar store, I could have gone in and swapped out the laptop.