Milwaukee Area Temperature Monitoring Service

Recently, I’ve been using some DS18b20 One-Wire temperature sensors for a few projects, including a serial to USB temperature monitoring device I built for remote monitoring. After testing the sensor and logging profiles for a few weeks in a stable environment, I decided it would be interesting to move the sensor to an outdoor location. I found a nice location for one on the north side of the house, where the sensor would not be affected by direct sunlight or any other possible sources of non environmental heat or cooling, and started logging there. After awhile, I was getting enough data where I thought it might be interesting to plot the temperature to a graph.

This was the start of the “Milwaukee Area Temperature Monitoring Service” which has now expanded to include two locations, one in Shorewood, and one in Riverwest. For now things seems stable, and as more data pours in, I may make additional changes. The site is located at so have a look!

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