Aliosensu Wide Breadboard Power Supply

The Aliosensu Wide Breadboard Power Supply, is a power supply for breadboards that are wider than the standard breadboard. (widest power rail pins are 54mm) Besides being designed to work with wider boards, it was also created to uncomplicate working with higher DC voltages through the use of the direct from source power availability.

The breadboard power supply features 5 and 3.3 volt power to the rails, with addition output pins on the top, as well as the option of using the power supply source voltage when using the DC jack. (up to 12 volts) This is useful for designs that have different voltage needs, providing up to three different voltages. The power supply features a heavy duty switch, and the DC jack is a common 5.5mm x 2.1mm sizing. Also included is a USB mini jack for independent power.

The Aliosensu Wide Breadboard Power Supply will be available for purchase at

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