Infrared Remote Control

The Peernix IR Remote was created to be an easily programmable hardware platform to duplicate a infrared remote control, or simply create your own remote control. It uses the Atmega328P microcontroller, so it can easily be programmed using the Arduino IDE. Another couple advantages it has are that the buttons are individually tied to separate pins on the microcontroller, to allow for simplified code removing the need for multiplexing. The pinout of the microcontroller is also set up to work out of the box with a popular and easily workable infrared remote library for the Arduino IDE initially developed by Ken Shirriff.


The microcontroller has been clocked down to 8MHz in order to work with lithium ion battery voltages. A battery protection and charging circuit has also been incorporated into the board. A small 600mAh battery will in practice last a couple months with regular use, and then to recharge the battery, a micro USB port is available. In the latest revision, a battery holder for a lithium ion 18650 cell has been incorporated into the rear of the board, mainly for laughs.


To wrap everything up, a 3D printed housing has been designed, for a less nerdy coffee table appearance. Schematics and Test code available. If there’s any demand the product can be made available on Tindie.