Being a part of the irc.p2pchat.net community for quite a number of years, and during that time collecting data from various rooms, I thought it would be fun to try and compile that data in to a interesting format. Looking into the software I could use for such an activity, I stumbled upon Pisg, (Perl IRC statistics generator) and decided to try it out. I enjoyed the format the generator used, so I decided to make the output available as a web page, and update it nightly. After several years went by and the “statistics” page grew and grew, it became obvious that it’s relevance for day to day users was limited. After all, those who produce the most “data” are the ones who find themselves in the visible stats, and users come and go over time. On the advice of a fellow #shareaza-chat users “Rumples” I decided to split the statistics into annual pages, as well as keeping the page that compiles all available data. Below are some links to the Pisg pages.